The Masters Theses collection contains digital copies of AUT University masters theses deposited with the Library since 2002 and made available open access. From 2007 onwards, all theses for masters degrees awarded are required to be deposited in Tuwhera Open Theses & Dissertations unless subject to an embargo.

For theses submitted prior to 2007, open access was not mandatory, so only those theses for which the author has given consent are available in Tuwhera Open Theses & Dissertations. Where consent for open access has not been provided, the thesis is usually recorded in the AUT Library catalogue where the full text, if available, may be accessed with an AUT password. Other people should request an Interlibrary Loan through their library.

  • Any use you make of these documents or images must be for research or private study purposes only, and you may not make them available to any other person.
  • Authors control the copyright of their thesis. You will recognise the author’s right to be identified as the author of the thesis, and due acknowledgement will be made to the author where appropriate.
  • You will obtain the author’s permission before publishing any material from the thesis.

Recently Added

  • Expanded Animation and Memory

    Rezaei Salarnia, Zahra (Auckland University of Technology, 2023)
    The research discusses the embodiment of my childhood memories through expanded animation’s materiality, temporality, and space. It seeks alternative approaches for the production and representation of animation, to provoke ...
  • Performance Evaluation of Lightweight Cryptographic Algorithms for IoT in Healthcare

    Chinbat, Tserendorj (Auckland University of Technology, 2023)
    The significant number of objects interconnected to the Internet has grown as the Internet has become a more critical aspect of today's society. Network access, such as the Internet, is no longer restricted to personal ...
  • #thrifted: Values and Ethics of Secondhand Clothing Resellers on Instagram

    Bunten, Celeste Elise (Auckland University of Technology, 2023)
    This research analyzes the ethics, motivations and the relationship between secondhand clothing sellers and consumers on Instagram in Aotearoa New Zealand. The research explores the reasons why this increasingly popular ...
  • Evaluation of the Industry 4.0 Application for Better Farming

    Howard, James Lee Michael (Auckland University of Technology, 2023)
    Industry 4.0 is an emerging concept which involves optimizing production processes and increasing efficiency by taking advantage of wireless sensor networks in collaboration with cloud-based servers for monitoring systems. ...
  • The Gap Between Worlds: A Tactile Ceramic Experience of Sound from a Deaf Perspective

    Sabmeethavorn, Thanatira (Auckland University of Technology, 2023)
    I identify as both a deaf and hard-of-hearing person; yet I am neither because I occupy a space in-between. People assume that deaf individuals live in silence. However, I perceive the worlds of the hearing and d/Deaf ...
  • Critical Discourse Analysis for Policy Documents: A Case Study of the Adult ESOL Strategy, a New Zealand Government Language and Education Policy

    Adesina, Oladapo Olukayode (Auckland University of Technology, 2023)
    The study’s theoretical framework is underpinned by Critical Theory, Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA), including Foucauldian Discourse Analysis (FCDA), and Foucault’s concept of Genealogy. Foucaultian critical discourse ...
  • Decolonizing Youth Justice: Addressing the Inherent Criminality of Rangatahi Māori and the Mainstream Education System

    Pukepuke, Reegan Poutama (Auckland University of Technology, 2022)
    This thesis explored the impact that the mainstream education system has had on the prevalence of anti-social and deviant behaviours within rangatahi Māori, and the consequent overrepresentation of rangatahi Māori in the ...
  • Digital Pilgrims’ Progress: How New Zealand Christian Charities Navigate Digitalisation

    Udy, Karl (Auckland University of Technology, 2022)
    In an increasingly digital world, every sphere of society is being impacted by digitalisation. While much attention is given to the impact of digitalisation in the commercial sector, less is given to its impact on other ...
  • Brats

    Hanney, Marshall John Downey (Auckland University of Technology, 2022)
    My thesis is creative practice as research, comprising a creative artifact (a screenplay) accompanied by a critical component (an exegesis). This conforms to AUT University’s guidelines for a ‘Format Three’ thesis, as ...
  • The Makings of a Meaningful Sporting Experience for Young Pasifika Girls in Junior Rugby

    Sotutu, Susana Jillian Loloma (Auckland University of Technology, 2022)
    Involvement in Sport and Active Recreation (SAR) is known to offer a host of possible benefits to engaged participants over time. These participants may engage for a range of reasons, attaching different meanings to their ...
  • Akanuku’anga Rutu Pa’u: Cook Islands Ways of Knowing in Senior Manager Narratives of Service and Leadership

    Tauraki, Tepaeru (Auckland University of Technology, 2022)
    Serving others is an expectation of many Pacific Nations and the Cook Islands is no different. In the New Zealand Tertiary sector there are not enough Cook Islands Māori at the decision- making table. Understanding how ...
  • Moneybags: An Intimate Introspection into Financial Privilege

    Worsnop, Lucy Autumn (Auckland University of Technology, 2022)
    This thesis consists of two components, a written exegesis as the theoretical backbone and a practical component which is a mixed media animated short film influenced by my experiences with Financial Privilege. Through ...
  • Design of an Enhanced Lightweight Security Gateway Protocol for the Edge Layer

    Reza, MD Masum (Auckland University of Technology, 2022)
    With the rapid expansion of Internet of Thing (IoT) dependency, the necessity of lightweight communication is also increasing due to its constrained capabilities. Focusing on the limited capabilities of the devices, this ...
  • Topological Intimacies and Acts of Building Home

    Nicholson, Tamara (Auckland University of Technology, 2022)
    Topological Intimacies and Acts of Building Home is a durational site-responsive and lens-based project documenting my family’s act of building a home on a specific ecological site in suburban North Shore, Tāmaki Makaurau. The ...
  • I Land Here: An Exploration of Material Boundaries

    McIntosh, Ella Augusta Leuthart (Auckland University of Technology, 2022)
    In a search for new understandings of the relationship between the maker and the made, this practice-based research explores the conceptual threshold of material boundaries through a lens of eco-philosophical thought. ...
  • Senses and Sensors: Biofeedback and Sensory-Based Interventions for Alleviating Dental Anxiety in Patients

    Pearson, Sarah Ellen (Auckland University of Technology, 2022)
    One in eight New Zealanders experiences dental anxiety, a phenomenon that persists despite great technological leaps in dentistry that have resulted in virtually painless dental treatment. "Sensors and Senses in Dentistry" ...
  • Being There, While Being Here

    Alhambra, Jermaine Cruz (Auckland University of Technology, 2022)
    Being there while being here is a visual arts project situated in the interdisciplinary contexts of childhood expectation and the reality of material thinking through a personal bi-cultural sensibility. This research is ...
  • A Performance Comparison of NoSQL and SQL Databases for Different Scales of Ecommerce Systems

    Shen, Wenbin (Auckland University of Technology, 2022)
    Customers have changed their shopping behaviour from shopping in physical stores to shopping on virtual online platforms over the last decades especially since covid-19 lockdowns. Correspondently, this change in shopping ...
  • The Comic Collection

    Ward Knox, Liesha (Auckland University of Technology, 2022)
    The Comic Collection is a ninety-minute film dramedy. The script centers on the journey of Jaims, a thirty-something-year-old Organisational Operations Officer, who becomes the co-owner of a rough and tumble inner city ...
  • Flesh of Form: Reimagining a Boutique Hotel as a Mortal Interior

    Budden, Sarah (Auckland University of Technology, 2022)
    Between the routine of everyday life and the dislocation of travel, the hotel space sits on a threshold “out-of-time” or “out-of-place.” It is not uncommon for hotel interiors to be stripped out and replaced every decade ...

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