• 12 Step Psychotherapy: A Time-limited, Cost-effective Depth Therapy

      Fay, J (New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists (NZAP) Inc., 2017)
      Twelve step psychotherapy is a time-limited, cost-effective depth psychotherapy that was developed gradually over several years of practising therapy in a public outpatient mental health service setting. Twelve step ...
    • 12th Language and Society Conference 2010

      Unknown author (Institute of Culture, Discourse and Communication, AUT University, 2010)
      No abstract.
    • 1RM Prediction and Load-velocity Relationship

      Jidovtseff, B; Cronin, J; Crielaard, J; Villaret, J; Harris, NK (The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, 2012)
      No abstract.
    • 2008 International Gambling Conference - Looking Forward: New Directions in Research and Minimising Public Harm (Final Report)

      Bellringer, M; Nahi, P (Auckland University of Technology (AUT), 2008)
      The 2008 International Gambling Conference Looking Forward: New Directions in Research and Minimising Public Harm took place on 21 to 23 February 2008 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Auckland. On 20 February 2008, two full-day ...
    • 2018 JMAD New Zealand Media Ownership Report

      Myllylahti, M (Auckland University of Technology, 2018)
      Summary This eighth JMAD New Zealand media ownership report observes a considerable shift in New Zealand media ownership. In 2018, Australian Nine Entertainment took over Stuff’s parent company Fairfax Media. The report ...
    • 2022 World Hypertension League, Resolve To Save Lives and International Society of Hypertension Dietary Sodium (Salt) Global Call to Action

      Campbell, NRC; Whelton, PK; Orias, M; Wainford, RD; Cappuccio, FP; Ide, N; Neal, B; Cohn, J; Cobb, LK; Webster, J; Trieu, K; He, FJ; McLean, RM; Blanco-Metzler, A; Woodward, M; Khan, N; Kokubo, Y; Nederveen, L; Arcand, J; MacGregor, GA; Owolabi, MO; Lisheng, L; Parati, G; Lackland, DT; Charchar, FJ; Williams, B; Tomaszewski, M; Romero, CA; Champagne, B; L’Abbe, MR; Weber, MA; Schlaich, MP; Fogo, A; Feigin, VL; Akinyemi, R; Inserra, F; Menon, B; Simas, M; Neves, MF; Hristova, K; Pullen, C; Pandeya, S; Ge, J; Jalil, JE; Wang, J-G; Wideimsky, J; Kreutz, R; Wenzel, U; Stowasser, M; Arango, M; Protogerou, A; Gkaliagkousi, E; Fuchs, FD; Patil, M; Chan, AW-K; Nemcsik, J; Tsuyuki, RT; Narasingan, SN; Sarrafzadegan, N; Ramos, ME; Yeo, N; Rakugi, H; Ramirez, AJ; Álvarez, G; Berbari, A; Kim, C-I; Ihm, S-H; Chia, Y-C; Unurjargal, T; Park, HK; Wahab, K; McGuire, H; Dashdorj, NJ; Ishaq, M; Ona, DID; Mercado-Asis, LB; Prejbisz, A; Leenaerts, M; Simão, C; Pinto, F; Almustafa, BA; Spaak, J; Farsky, S; Lovic, D; Zhang, X-H (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2022)
    • 230 GHz VLBI Observations of M87: Event-horizon-scale Structure During an Enhanced Very-high-energy Y-ray State in 2012

      Akiyama, K; Lu, R-S; Fish, VL; Doeleman, SS; Broderick, AE; Dexter, J; Hada, K; Kino, M; Nagai, H; Honma, M; Johnson, MD; Algaba, JC; Asada, K; Brinkerink, C; Blundell, R; Bower, GC; Cappallo, R; Crew, GB; Dexter, M; Dzib, SA; Freund, R; Friberg, P; Gurwell, M; Ho, PTP; Inoue, M; Krichbaum, TP; Loinard, L; MacMahon, D; Marrone, DP; Moran, JM; Nakamura, M; Nagar, NM; Ortiz-Leon, G; Plambeck, R; Pradel, N; Primiani, RA; Rogers, AEE; Roy, AL; SooHoo, J; Tavares, J-L; Tilanus, RPJ; Titus, M; Wagner, J; Weintroub, J; Yamaguchi, P; Young, KH; Zensus, A; Ziurys, LM (IOP Publishing, 2015)
      We report on 230 GHz (1.3 mm) very long baseline interferometry (VLBI) observations of M87 with the Event Horizon Telescope using antennas on Mauna Kea in Hawaii, Mt. Graham in Arizona, and Cedar Flat in California. For ...
    • 2D & 3D introductory processes in virtual groups

      Clear, Tony; Daniels, M. (IEEE, 2003)
      This paper reports on a collaborative learning trial conducted in 2002 between students at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand and Uppsala University, Sweden. The trial design included an initial phase in which ...
    • 3 year stroke survivors: the long term impact of stroke on cognition and factors associated with recovery

      Mahon (Nee Haslemore), S (SAGE, 2015)
      Worldwide, stroke is the second commonest cause of death and the most frequent cause of disability in adults, having an enormous physical, psychological and financial impact on patients, families, the health care system, ...
    • 3-D knit transformations

      Smith, AE; Kalyanji, J; Fraser, G (School of Art and Design, Auckland University of Technology, 2014)
      Rapid advances in seamless knitting technology are opening up significant opportunities in the design, production and application of knitted textile preforms. Introduced in the mid 1990’s, seamless machinery enables shaped, ...
    • 30-year trends in stroke rates and outcome in Auckland, New Zealand (1981-2012): a multi-ethnic population-based series of studies

      Feigin, VL; Krishnamurthi, RV; Barker-Collo, S; McPherson, KM; Barber, PA; Parag, V; Arroll, B; Bennett, DA; Tobias, M; Jones, A; Witt, E; Brown, P; Abbott, M; Bhattacharjee, R; Rush, E; Suh, FM; Theadom, A; Rathnasabapathy, Y; Te Ao, B; Parmar, PG; Anderson, C; Bonita, R; ARCOS IV Group (PLoS One, 2015)
      Insufficient data exist on population-based trends in morbidity and mortality to determine the success of prevention strategies and improvements in health care delivery in stroke. The aim of this study was to determine ...
    • A 3D Cuboid Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Controlled Alternate Quantum Walk of Message Coding

      Liu, P; Zhou, S; Yan, WQ
      In order to solve various security risks faced by image privacy protection, we propose a 3D cuboid image encryption scheme based on message-encoded controlled alternate quantum walks. Firstly, we calculated the initial ...
    • 60 years of creativity in business organizations

      Sosa Medina, R; Connor, AM; Rive, P (Design Research Society 2016, 2016)
      This paper analyses the role of creativity in business organizations by examining the core ideas of an article published sixty years ago as a way to elucidate how relevant they are today in view of the research literature. ...
    • 8-K Filings, Twitter Activities and Stock Market Reactions

      Rahman, A; Debreceny, R (American Accounting Association (AAA), 2015)
      Twitter has become one of the major channels for information dissemination and communication, which includes companies’ market relevant information. This study investigates how Twitter activities are related to 8-K filings ...
    • 9/11 as False Flag: Why International Law Must Dare to Care

      Benjamin, A (Edinburgh University Press, 2017)
      At the heart of contemporary international law lies a paradox: The attacks on the United States of September 11, 2001 have justified sixteen years of international war, yet the official international community, embodied ...
    • A case study of authentic learning underpinned by design thinking and industry collaboration

      Inder, S; Withell, A (DesignEd Asia Secretariat, 2013)
      This paper will present a case study of a year-two product design project that has been developed alongside the specific requirements of an industry collaborator and delivered within an innovative, research-led, Design ...
    • A cellular automaton framework for within-field vineyard variance and grape production simulation

      Shanmuganathan, S; Narayanan, A; Robison, N (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2011)
      Winegrowers for generations know it all too well that grapes harvested from different areas within a vineyard will produce wines of different flavours, mainly due to within-field variance in vine vigour caused by environmental ...
    • A chequered renaissance: the evolution of Maori society, 1984-2004

      Moon, P. (Te Kaharoa, 2009)
      This article traces aspects of the evolution of Maori society in the two decades following the Hui Taumata in 1984. Issues of language, political and self-determination, and Treaty settlements are explored for their ...
    • A closed-form exact solution for pricing variance swaps with stochastic volatility

      Lian, G (Wiley-Blackwell, 2011)
      In this paper, we present a highly efficient approach to price variance swaps with discrete sampling times. We have found a closed-form exact solution for the partial differential equation (PDE) system based on the Heston’s ...
    • A collaborative learning trial between New Zealand and Sweden - using Lotus Notes Domino in teaching the concepts of Human Computer Interaction

      Clear, Tony (ACM, 1999)
      This paper reports the results of a collaborative learning exercise between students at Auckland Institute of Technology and Uppsala University. The exercise was conducted using both a Lotus Notes Domino collaborative ...