• A simulation framework to support software project (re)planning

      Kirk, D; MacDonell, S (IEEE, 2009)
      Planning and replanning software projects involves selecting activities according to organisational policies, project goals and contexts, deciding how to effect the activities, and dealing with uncertainty in activity ...
    • A systems approach to software process improvement in small organisations

      Kirk, D; MacDonell, S (Delta/Publizon, 2009)
      There is, at the present time, no model to effectively support context-aware process change in small software organisations. The assessment reference models, for example, SPICE and CMMI, provide a tool for identifying gaps ...
    • Modelling software processes - a focus on objectives

      Kirk, D; MacDonell, SG; Tempero, E (ACM Press, 2009)
      Existing software process models such as Waterfall and XP are characterised by unstated assumptions, a consequence of which is that we can not easily compare models or transfer data from one model to another. This means ...
    • Raising healthy software systems

      MacDonell, SG; Kirk, D; McLeod, L (IEEE Computer Society Press, 2008)
      We elaborate on the analogy between humans and bespoke software systems and we use this analogy to inform an alternative perspective on the development and management of such systems.