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The Centre of Design Research is hosted in Te Kura Toi a Hoahoa, the School of Art and Design at Auckland University of Technology. Our aim is to expand interdisciplinary research, engagement and discourse surrounding the theoretical, practical and commercial frameworks that embody design, art, media, and the creative industries.

We are profoundly engaged with makers and making, connecting academia to industry so that research makes a difference in the wider world through writing and writers, painting and pixels, the hand-made and the automated. Through our projects, public engagement and published research, we seek to challenge and redefine what it means to be a designer.

The projects we showcase have a strong commitment to inclusion and diversity. They are intersections: between design and art; Māori, Pacific and Indigenous knowledge and world views; science and technology. They connect with communities and celebrate the diversity, culture and methodologies of indigenous design practice.

  • Any use you make of these works must be for research or private study purposes only, and you may not make them available to any other person.
  • Authors control the copyright of their works. You will recognise the author’s right to be identified as the author of the work, and due acknowledgement will be made to the author where appropriate.
  • You will obtain the author’s permission before publishing any material from the work.

Recently Added

  • Vacancies and Attenuated Presences: A Counter-Memorial Swimming Pool for Waitara

    Bentley, Chris (Auckland University of Technology, 2021)
    This practice-led research thesis inquires into the memorial pool, and posits these strange and disjunctive spaces as counter-memorials, mediums for alternative methods of remembrance. The work unfolds over two stages: ...
  • The Handbook Project

    de Roos, Lindsey (Auckland University of Technology, 2021)
    The Handbook Project is an exploration of an “unhelpful guide” for navigating arts academia and art spaces as a person of colour through a tactile and social “art practice”. This project is an intuitive and reflective ...
  • A Sense of Play

    Hutchinson, Levon (Auckland University of Technology, 2021)
    A child needs to feel happy for them to thrive in a school environment. Children have personal and complex needs that should be well understood to help them feel happy, comfortable and ready for learning. This study aimed ...
  • Moana Cosmopolitan Imaginaries: Toward an Emerging Theory of Moana Art

    Lopesi, Lana (Auckland University of Technology, 2021)
    This thesis uses a theoretical approach to examine the way a digital native generation of Moana artists with connections to Aotearoa, and part of global worlds today, imagine their subjectivities, their cultures and their ...
  • Acting and Its Double: A Practice-led Investigation of the Nature of Acting Within Performance Capture

    Kennedy, Jason Allen (Auckland University of Technology, 2021)
    This research deepens our understanding, as animators, actors, audiences, and academics, of how we see the practice of acting in performance capture (PeCap). While exploring the intersections between acting and animation, ...
  • The Scent of Blue Memories: Multisensory Exploration in Animated Autoethnography

    Park, Monique Hyobin (Auckland University of Technology, 2021)
    This thesis discusses the experience of worlds within a film, which can be understood as a multisensory exploration that reveals animation as being more than simply an audio-visual medium, and how such a film can resonate ...
  • A Remembering of Culture and Community: An Exploration of the Ambiguity and Significance of Everyday Affordable Sustainable Clothing

    Johnson, Leica (Auckland University of Technology, 2020)
    Individuals ‘experiencing poverty often find it difficult to partake in contemporary consumption behaviours,’ consequently budget consumers are often left out of the sustainable fashion conversation. The design and making ...
  • The Materiality of Winter

    Zino, Imogen (Auckland University of Technology, 2020)
    This exploration embraces materiality through the poetics of Winter. An aim of this project has been to enable a greater sense of connection between the internal sensory world of the participant and the inhabited environment. ...
  • Getting Old and Forgetting Things: Design Anthropology and the Medicalisation of Ageing

    Collier, Guy Edward Parker (Auckland University of Technology, 2020)
    Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) is a relatively new diagnosis that describes the grey area between ‘normal’ age-related decline and dementia. Following increased interest in the developmental stages of Alzheimer’s Disease ...
  • Paradoxical Realities: A Creative Consideration of Realismo Maravilhoso in an Interactive Digital Narrative

    Tavares, Tatiana (Auckland University of Technology, 2019)
    This artistic, practice-led thesis is concerned with the potentials of polyvocality and interactive digital narrative. The practical project, Saints of Paradox, is formatted as a printed picture book that can be expanded ...
  • Please Leave on the Seat After Use: Crafting Personal Narrative Through Machine Knitting

    Cho, Susie (Auckland University of Technology, 2019)
    Please Leave on the Seat After Use explores my evolving relationship with the Seiki Shima knitting machine, which I have positioned as a key contributor to my research practice. Materializing personal narratives through ...
  • Mourning Sites ________ Performing Ineffable Spaces of Ruin

    O'Hara, Emily (Auckland University of Technology, 2018)
    This practice-led PhD explores spatio-temporal conditions arising in processes of mourning, attuning these processes to the project’s spatial-poetics or site-writings. In doing so my PhD relates the experiences of death ...
  • Illuminativa - The Resonance of the Unseen

    Ventling, Friedrich Derek (Auckland University of Technology, 2017)
    This practice-led creative arts thesis investigates the metaphysical notion of light as an activating principle and how this is subjectively experienced. Light is phenomenologically explored as a catalytic agent that is ...
  • Paradox: how New Zealand culture enables creativity, yet mitigates against its spread

    Hutcheson, Mike (Auckland University of Technology, 2015)
    This practice-led thesis examines the concept of creativity in the context of contemporary New Zealand business. The thesis project comprises two complementary components. The first is a 30-minute video documentary that ...
  • Veitalatala: Mātanga ‘o e Talanoa

    Toluta'u, Talita Kiume (Auckland University of Technology, 2015)
    This study is concerned with representation. It considers the nature of a culturally located, discursive form called veitalatala and its creative translation into designed artifacts that consider the lyrical and graceful ...
  • Machine crafted: 3-dimensional machine knitted forms

    Kalyanji, Jyoti (Auckland University of Technology, 2013)
    Unrealised design capacity in computerised seamless knitting technology is highlighted in emerging research. The adoption of this technology, both in New Zealand and internationally, is largely driven by the economic gains ...