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dc.identifier.citationIn Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Software Paradigm Trends - Volume 1: ICSOFT-PT, (ICSOFT 2015) ISBN 978-989-758-115-1, pages 161-167. DOI: 10.5220/0005552401610167
dc.description.abstractThere is growing acknowledgement within the software engineering community that a theory of software development is needed to integrate the myriad methodologies that are currently popular, some of which are based on opposing perspectives. We have been developing such a theory for a number of years. In this position paper, we overview our theory along with progress made thus far. We suggest that, once fully developed, this theory, or one similar to it, may be applied to support situated software development, by providing an overarching model within which software initiatives might be categorised and understood. Such understanding would inevitably lead to greater predictability with respect to outcomes.
dc.rightsThe SciTePress Digital Library (Science and Technology Publications, Lda) is an open access repository, who specializes in publishing conference proceedings.
dc.subjectSoftware Development; Software Engineering; Theoretical Model; Software Context
dc.titleProgress Report on a Proposed Theory for Software Developmenten_NZ
dc.typeConference Contribution
dark.contributor.authorKirk, Den_NZ
dark.contributor.authorMacDonell, Sen_NZ

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